Safety and

Integrated Management Policy

GranIHC Services S.A provides integrated solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry in Engineering detailing services; Supplies; Manufacturing, Assembly, Maintenance and Industrial Painting in the “Onshore and Offshore.

GranIHC aims at sustainable growth with a focus on Quality, Health, Workplace Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility and is committed to promoting:

1. Satisfaction and meeting customer requirements, exceeding their expectations regarding Quality, Safety, Environment, Occupational Health and Social Responsibility.
2. Reduce GranIHC's risks and maximize opportunities.
3. Commitment of all Members, at different hierarchical levels, in promoting sustainable development.
4. Prevention of personal injuries and / or damage to health as well as environmental pollution, managing aspects x environmental impacts and hazards x risks to the health and safety of the member and other interested parties.
5. Commitment to the participation of members in the identification of hazards and risks and in the consultation on changes related to Safety and Health at Work.
6. Qualification of its members, developing and training so that they can perform their work activities with a focus on Quality and minimizing risks to Occupational Health and Safety, as well as impacts to the Environment.
7. Management and compliance with legal requirements and other requirements defined by customers and other interested parties.
8. Conducting a critical analysis of the Integrated Management System with a focus on continuous improvement.
9. Ethical, transparent, and responsible behavior.
10. Respect for interested parties and their interests.
11. Respect human beings and their rights.


Aiming meeting the requirements of the Integrated Management System Policy, GranIHC has adopted the following objectives:

1. Satisfy and meet the requirements of our Customers.
2. Plan Actions to reduce risks and maximize opportunities in the process.
3. Implement program training, qualification, and awareness of members.
4. Reduce and control the emission of pollutants.
5. Eliminate or reduce occupational health and safety risks at source and identify the main types of injuries and illnesses at work.
6. Generate awareness among all members about the application of the concepts of quality, environment, safety, occupational health in their work routine.
7. Provide the mechanism, time, training, and resources, eliminating any type of obstacle to consultation and participation of the members.
8. Ensure compliance with safety, occupational health and environment standards and legislation.
9. Ensure the effectiveness of Integrated management system;
10. Continuously improve the environment and working conditions.
11. Ensure ethics and transparency in all processes.
12. Maintain a work team avoiding the continuous exchange of members, retaining intellectual capital.
13. Keep the communication channel open and receptive, regarding Quality, Environment, Safety, Occupational Health, Social Responsibility and Compliance, respecting human beings and their rights.

Certifications - SGI

GranIHC's Quality and Sustainability System is certified according to the following requirements:

Iso 9001:2015
Quality Management (IQNET);

Iso 9001:2015
Quality Management (VANZOLINI);

ISO 14001:2015
Environmental Management (IQNET);

ISO 14001:2015
Environmental Management (VANZOLINI);

ISO 18001:2007
Occupational Health and Safety Management (IQNET);

ISO 18001:2007
Occupational Health and Safety Management (VANZOLINI):


GranIHC seeks to contribute to sustainable development, continuously reducing the
environmental impact of its operations.

We have adopted the use of reusable or biodegradable materials to banish the use of disposable cups in our operating units and offices.

A better future depends on all of us!