Areas of expertise

IMR - Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

GranIHC provides integrity management solutions on topsides of marine units, including
engineering, planning, supplies, inspection, construction and assembly, commissioning, surface treatment, application of anti-corrosion coatings, and passive protection. We are experienced in providing services to many operators in the sector, such as Petrobras, EQUINOR, and SBM Offshore.

GranIHC has extensive experience in serving UMS campaigns and fixed platforms, with a
history of operations in some Petrobras units: UO-BC (P-09, P-18, P-19, P-20, P-25, P -26, P- 31, P-32, P-47, PCH-1, PCH-2, PGP-1, PNA-1, PNA-2, PPG-1, PPM-1, PCE-1), UO- Rio (P-43, P-48, P-53, P-54, PRA-1), UO-ES (P-31, P-58) and UO-BS (PMXL, PMLZ, P-66, P- 67, P-68 and P-69).

The company participated in the Consórcio Integrar, created in June 2014 to carry out an offshore Inspection, Maintenance and Repair service contract for Petrobras production platforms in the Campos and Espírito Santo Basins. The Integrar Consortium was recognized by Petrobras as the Best Supplier for the modification and maintenance segment in 2018 and also holds the best QHSE history in the sector.

We were selected by EQUINOR to provide services related to Hook-up and Commissioning of the Pilgrim C Platform (WHP-C), including supplies, onshore manufacturing, stock management, activity planning, onboard assemblies until the start-up stage of the systems.

SCM - Supply Chain Management

GranIHC offers complete solutions for the oil & gas industry in inventory planning and management of MRO materials (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations), aiming at optimizations, improvement of controls, and better management, to reduce costs and inventories and improve revenue of its customers.

GranIHC provides Supply Chain Management services to clients such as Petrobras, Equinor, Shell, among others.


DOME, a joint venture formed by GranIHC and Prumo, consists of a private terminal located on the main channel of Porto do Açu, in the north in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

DOME has a wharf area with dredging completed at a minimum depth of 9 meters, an available building area of  10 thousand m2 - including warehouses, offices and worshops -, and a 30 thousand m2 retro area expandable to 190 thousand m2.

Due to its different geographical location, close to the Campos and Espírito Santo Basins, state-of-the-art infrastructure and operational excellence, DOME's vocation is to serve oil field operators, subsea companies, shipowners and other players in the sector with excellence, enabling port operations and projects in a flexible, efficient and safe way.

With its pier and state-of-the-art retro area, DOME is ready to serve the main EPCI projects and offshore operations, through the provision of infrastructure and facilities services.

In 2021, DOME will be one of the main support bases for logistics, manufacturing and loading of rigid pipelines (spoolbase) for the main submarine EPCI projects in Brazil, which will serve the Brazilian pre-salt fields of Mero 1, Mero 2 and Sepia.

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